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Linda DeLuca grew up in Welland, Ontario where she was born and raised.  In her kindergarten class she produced a colourful necklace made out of construction paper and straws.  She remembers wearing it proudly.  This was a beginning development to exploring her creative side. I am a multi -media artist who works often with printmaking and painting.  My most recent work is a series involving the theme of animals.  I am playing on a narrative with the idea of " Cnandiana".  The motifs I use are the Hudson Bay logo and local wildlife.  My process involves linocutting and collage with Japanese paper.  The work is mounted on wooden frames.  I explore colour in various ways, adding another interesting element to the work.  The use of repetition from the printmaking technique adds a surreal quality to the pieces.  To create a polished finish I have used a coating of resin on the work.

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